Monday, March 9, 2009

Beespoke suit

This was in the hallway when I got home this afternoon. I'll get someone else to take a shot of me in the full regalia (what's the opposite of the full monty -- the full python?) later, but for now here's a self-portrait in the bathroom mirror. I got this jacket and the gloves and some leg straps from the fine folks out at Mann Lake. Service with a smile (hell, they're Midwesterners, and if Midwesterners aren't smiling we're in big trouble); service without a sting.


amarilla said...

Looks kind of hot in there.

Matthew said...

Well, I like to think I'm hot, but you do raise an important point. It is hot in a bee suit, particularly since you are often working in the heat of summer under a beating sun. The key is to get the job -- usually hive inspections -- done quickly. But also calmly. You move slowly while working with bees. I bought an expensive jacket -- there were models half the price -- because I was hoping for protection and coolness. We'll see what happens when I test it in action.