Thursday, February 26, 2009

The basics: location, location, location

This wedge of slumbering green is where we are going to locate our hive.

O, I’m sorry, did I forget to mention that bee-keeping is not currently legal in the confines of NYC? It is in Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco, to name just a few places where it isn’t only legal but encouraged, but not here. Bees and wasps are classified as venomous insects, and along with tigers, elephants, weasels, pythons, and other sundry critters are banned by the city’s health code. Never mind that there are over 50 species of bees found in the city; I guess they are all outlaws.

I suspect the silly bee ban has something to do with Rudy Giuliani, an unpleasant man who used to be Mayor. Evidently he was once bitten by a ferret, in between being beaten up by Mets fans, as a child, and ever since -- the little fascisms of the playground last forever -- has had an animus against all god’s creatures, great and small. But that bad memory of the past is over and done, and efforts are afoot to change the health code. Additionally, David Yassky and four co-sponsors have introduced a bill in City Council, to legalize beekeeping by licensing beekeepers. The bill is awaiting a hearing in the Health Committee. If passed it would overrule the health code. Updates and calls to action will be posted here as warranted. Right now you can sign a petition in support of urban bees over at Just Food.

All this to say that the location of the hive will not be located with any great specificity at this time. I can say we are located somewhat to the east of the Mississippi….


Ella the Crazy Breakfast Madam said...

I didn't know Rudy Giuliani was bit by a ferret. That explains a lot.

Linda T said...

So glad you are being brave and stepping up to the beekeeping plate - we are lucky in Atlanta - not only is it legal in the city, but anywhere in the state of Georgia. The bee is the state insect and it is actually against the law to ban beekeeping in a community! Good luck with your bees. I'm going to link my blog to yours and thanks to Gerry (Global Swarming Honeybees) for introducing me to it

Matthew said...

Sweet Georgia! I found your blog via the Swarmer, too.