Saturday, April 4, 2009


Two nails at each top end, one at each bottom end. Brads to reinforce the edges of the top.
Ten frames, one with wax foundation.
The wax foundation. A thin sheet of wax reinforced with metal rods, imprinted on both sides with hexacomb. Smells really good.
Ten frames are ready for the hiving.


amarilla said...

Those frames make more sense to me than these frames. But I'm a little confused about the wax and the hexagons, I thought the bees did that part.

Matthew said...

Wax foundation gives the bees, who will be poured into the frame-filled deep, something to start with. They will build out the hexacomb from this, on both sides of the sheet of wax. Additionally, the smell of wax they are greeted with should make them feel like they've found a home,