Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Making Brooklyn Bloom UPDATED

3/6 UPDATE: The schedule I printed out earlier this week turns out to be last year's. The chicken & bees workshop, which I attend then, is not running again. The BBG has since righted the error, and this is what's happening tomorrow.

Damn few blooms without bees. Owen Taylor of Just Food and Sarita Daftary of East NY Farms will be presenting a workshop on “raising chickens and bees in the city” at this Saturday’s Making Brooklyn Bloom conference at the BBG. There are more than a dozen other workshops as well as speakers, tables, movies, & gift bags at this very popular annual event, which is free if you present the flyer (printable from the website) for admission to the garden. Two years ago, honey bees were out and about foraging in the garden’s early flowers, and since the weather is supposed to be near 60 this weekend we might see them again if all this snow melts out of the way.


Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

How do you cross out text on your blog? (Bummer about the chickens/bees.)

Matthew said...

HTML tags for strike-through: s and /s in pointy brackets.

amarilla said...

No bees, no chickens? It achess me.